T630 e Mac

Procedura (non verificata, ma proverò presto) per abilitare il Sony Ericsson T630 alla Rubrica Indirizzi di Mac OSX.

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Bluetooth: Add Address Book support for the Sony Ericsson T630

So I got one of those new fangled Sony Ericsson T630's... but when I tried the Bluetooth dialing and SMS features in Apple's Address Book.app, I was disappointed they didn't work. Well it turns out the fix is pretty easy and involves a one item addition to a plist file inside the application bundle. I'm using Panther.

1. Quit and backup your Address Book app... bla bla bla ...
2. Control click on the Address Book app, select Show Package Contents, then navigate to Contents -> Resources.
3. Control click on Telephony.bundle, Show Package Contents, then navigate to Contents -> Resources
4. Open ABDeviceCommandSets.plist with Property List Editor (or a text editor to change the XML in a more primitive way)
5. Find this array in the ABDeviceCommandSets.plist: Root -> 1 -> ABDeviceModelStrings ... you should see two string entries here, T610 and Z600. Add another string entry with the value T630.
Save and quit.
Now relaunch Address book. SMS and dialing should now work with your T630"